Terms & Conditions

  1. The hirer of the skip is responsible for its position, and must place a clear WARNING NOTICE on it during the day time, and at night it must be illuminated with two red lamps if it is placed at the request of the hirer on a public thoroughfare or right-of-way.
  2. Skips should never be moved without prior consent from AC Waste Disposal.
  3. Materials must not be burned in skips.
  4. The skips are not to be used for the disposal of hazardous waste, i.e. Paint, oil, fridges, televisions, monitors or gas cylinders.
  5. Liquid waste, sludge’s and animal waste are not accepted by AC Waste Disposal.
  6. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the skip while on site or for any damage caused by the skip.
  7. The skip must not be overfilled. The maximum distance over the top of the skip is one foot.
  8. 10 yard, 12 yard and 14 yard skips are for light waste and mixed municipal waste only.
  9. Timber, steel or cardboard only skips should not be contaminated with any other materials.
  10. The customer takes full liability and responsibility for the hired container until collected by AC Waste Disposal regardless as to whenever collection takes place.
  11. Skips are placed and removed on/off private property i.e. driveways, entirely at the risk of the hirer.


Note: The combined weight of a skip and vehicle can be up to 25 tonnes.  Most residential ground surfaces are designed to accommodate light vehicles, please bear this in mind when seeking to have skips deposited on same.  The hirer must bring to the attention of the driver any hazards on the property i.e. manhole covers, utility cables, overhanging trees etc.